The Peer Effect

The Peer Effect

Welcome to the Peer Effect: We are better together!

Discover what happens when like minded professionals from around the world begin to share, exchange and build extensive communities of quality knowledge. Peer reviewed, and always contextually relevant because as subject matter experts, leaders, and those seeking to build their professional skills ensure that the information found is the best available. At work, at home, on a conference it makes no difference because your fellow professionals are accessible with the Peer Effects online community.

Secure, safe, and verified the Peer Effects communities offer a secured environment for professionals everywhere to stay on top of their game, connect with colleagues, and validate their credentials with their respective regulators.

Purely Professional

The foundation of each Peer Effects community ensures only qualified and relevant individuals gain access, ensuring the quality of peer-reviewed content and expert opinon. The underlying concepts and functionality within Peer Effects comes from years of developing advanced learning technologies employed within online graduate courses at the University of British Columbia, and from volunteer participation in the quality assurance activities of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC).

Harnessing the collective wisdom and purpose of professionals has happened informally throughout history.  The advent of professional networking, online social tools, and data technologies in the modern age enables the collective potential of professional interaction to be realized in dramatically new ways, and on a global scale.

Peer Effects has designed its “peer analytics” technologies entirely for professionals, and by professionals.  Based upon decades of collective experience in learning technologies, professional networking, information security and analytics.