How drugs in toothpaste affect your health


How drugs in toothpaste affect your health

Some of the drugs can cause cancer in the long run.

It is ironic how we worry so much about carcinogens in our food when we could actually be liberally ingesting them daily through our toothpaste. Some of the popular toothpastes on the market according to dentists contain ingredients that are doing more harm than good for your overall health.

The most common ones are fluoride, antibiotics and other drugs used to prevent cavities, tartar or teeth sensitivity.

Most toothpaste brands contain monofluorophosphate fluorine (floride) meant for whitening of teeth which is very harmful if ingested because it weakens the bones if consumed in high doses. Because fluoride is not normally digested, it goes into the bloodstream which results in skeletal fluorosis, a disease where there is excess fluoride in the bones. It causes damage to the bones and joints. In children who have not developed permanent teeth, it can prevent enamel from forming normally and cause discoloration.


These, according to an article published in are designed to get into hard to reach places and can get trapped in your gums. In such cases when one remains lodged in a crevice of a tooth, it opens up the tooth and gum to bacteria which can lead to gum disease.

Artificial dyes

Artificial coloring has been linked to behavioral problems and to being carcinogenic (causing cancer).

Hydrated silicaIt

This drug can cause damage to the enamel and prevents re-mineralisation which is so important for teeth health. Think about it like sandpaper against glass, eventually it will cause wear and tear. It not only can cause damage to your teeth, but the gum mucous membrane as well. It also can be contaminated with crystalline quartz which has shown to cause cancer.