It Became Known About The Benefits Of Tap Water


It Became Known About The Benefits Of Tap Water

American scientists from the University of North Carolina concluded that the rejection of tap water increases the risk of caries in children. At the same time, the use of water from the tap is associated with increasing levels of lead in the blood. On Tuesday, November 28, according to a press release published on the website MedicalXpress.

The researchers analyzed data on the state of health of 15 thousand residents of Michigan. The study was conducted among children and young people aged two to 19 years. About half of those who do not drink water from the tap, suffer from tooth decay. This is two times higher than the average in the country.

Doctors believe that the reason for the preventive effect of tap water on the teeth in fluoride. This element prevents the leaching of minerals from tooth enamel.

Approximately 3 percent of children showed elevated levels of lead in the blood (more than 3 micrograms of lead per one-tenth liter of blood). From 49,8 % of study participants had caries of different severity. However, about 15% of children reported that they drank water from the tap.

The researchers note that the risk of lead exposure reduced slightly, but the chance of getting dental disease increases dramatically. In this regard, scientists believe that in the US drink water from the tap is safer than not drinking.