Peer Communities

Peer Communities

PFX operates as a professional network – a place where social networking techniques are applied to foster individual and collective professional advancement.

PFX gives every profession its own private, secure network, and only qualified professionals may participate, so we offer purely peer environments.

That’s where and how the magic begins!  PFX innovations harness network effects in peer communities, or peer analytics for short.

What’s your role?  Just what you do already – interact with colleagues and with professional content.  PFX is entirely about sharing ideas with peers.  You can create content, such as case studies and demonstrations of your work, and you can comment uponreview, rate and recommend content created by peers and professional organizations.  PFX is a professional knowledge mill. Do whatever you wish; your every keystroke accumulates Continuing Education (“CE”) credit.

PFX isn’t about who is the biggest “expert”, it is about who can explain ideas and answer questions well.  When you’re a professional, that’s everyone!  Our mantra is that you never really learn anything until you aim to teach it.  In PFX professional development is participatory, not passive

How can you succeed? So easy!  Just seek to add value.  Even the simple act of rating a piece of content adds value to that content and to you.  PFX aggregates that value. You and your peers will curate the best, most up-to-date professional content in the world, and all of that knowledge will return the favour by appreciating every peer individually.

Behind the scenes, PFX manages a value table that equates your every activity with continuing education credit.  For example, posting a case study will be worth far more than commenting on somebody else’s, but however you choose to participate, CE minutes will automatically and easily accrue into hours.  No travel costs, no need to miss office time, no sitting in boring lectures. And when you’re ready, just ask PFX to submit those hours to your regulator in the form of a detailed report.

But here’s where the real network effect kicks in.   When your peers like what you do, their validation builds your reputation and dramatically amplifies the CE credits your activities earn.  You can think of PFX like a massive multiplayer immersive game about professionalism.  You always win, but you’ll win best by always focusing on quality.

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