Press Release – November 16, 2016

Press Release – November 16, 2016

Vancouver, BC, November 15, 2016 – Peer Effects User CE Reports Now Accepted as Valid Continuing Education Credit Hours for CDSBC Members.

Peer Effects CE Reports are now accepted as valid professional development activity by the BC College of Dental Surgeons, the regulatory body for dentists, dental therapists and certified dental assistants (CDA’s) in British Columbia, Canada.

In accepting the Peer Effects unique CE reports for individual members within the Peer Effects Dentist community portal, the CDSBC is able to provide a fast, secure and convenient option for dentists in providing valid proof of their Continuing Education activity.

Peer Effects is thankful for the support of the CDSBC in Peer Effect’s efforts to encourage stronger information sharing and social cohesion within the professional dental community at large” – David Vogt, CEO Peer Effects


About Peer Effects

Creating secure, safe and independently verified professional spaces to collaborate with others.  Peer Effects enables professionals from many disciplines, from around the world to share, exchange and build extensive communities of quality knowledge. Peer reviewed, and always contextually relevant because the community, as subject matter experts, leaders, and those seeking to build their professional skills ensure that the information found is the best available. Peer Effects CE reports enable community members to submit hours for professional development credit, rewarding them for sharing their knowledge and insights with others.

Peer Effects has designed its “peer analytics” technologies entirely for professionals, and by professionals.  The Peer Effects platform is based upon decades of collective experience in learning technologies, professional networking, information security and analytics.


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