Peer Effects Registration

Peer Effects Registration

Registration Process

Registration is simple,  takes just a few minutes, and a few simple steps:

1.) Complete registration form

2.) Pay registration fee

3.) Set password and immediately enter the community as a new peer participant.  Once verification is complete, users are granted full access to contribute and interact with their peers.

The registration process asks some basic personal and business/practice related questions in order to establish your professional identity and create your account on the Peer Effects community.

Part of the registration process requires your membership/registration number and date of issue from your current regulatory body or professional registrar for the area in which you are licensed to practice. As part of registration, to ensure that all PFX participants are fully qualified professionals, Peer Effects independently verifies your professional status with the college(s) or regulator(s) you specify before your account is fully activated, and annually thereafter.

If you are unsure which communities are available for you, you can review the list of communities and decide which one(s) are best for you.

Privacy and Terms of Service

Peer effects takes your privacy, and the quality of membership to its professional communities seriously. Our commitment is to our well defined methods that ensure better communication and professional growth when the right people get together.  For more information, you can review our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service.